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Memorandum =)

Kisah Kita, <3
Today is the very happiness day for me!
Do you know why?
Because Cik Bella is coming! :D
Do know who is she to me?
Of course you don’t know right? HaHa
She is my very awesome sister ever!
It’s been a very long time I never see her after my last holiday to JB, since 2009!
OMG! It has been 3years already.
She always stay by my side whenever I need someone to talk with eventhough she is not here in front of me but she always keep in touch with me.
She is so caring about me.
She takes a good care of me just like her own sister.
I’m proud to have her as my sister, because she is so stronger no matter she is in what condition.
She teach me a lot about life, she teach me how to be stronger in life.
She teaches about people around us, there are so many types of people in this world which sometime they can be our friend but also be our enemy sometime.
I want to say thank you so much to her because she never tired to treat me well. J

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